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Answer Keys

Passage 1 “How much freedom should children have?”

a)      permissive   b) adolescence    c) formative    d) run wild    e) juvenile delinquency    f) authoritarian     g) possessive     h) rebelliousness        i) suppress    j) upbringing     k) inhabited

Passage 2  “City Life”

a)      City-dweller  b) irresistible lure  c) metropolis  d) cosmopolitan  e) stimulation f) anonymity  g) cost of living  h) pollution  i) urban  j) to breed crime  k) commuter              l) congestion

Passage 3 “Issue in Education”

a)      Classless  b) streaming   c) gifted   d) potential   e) elite   f)  privileged  g) labeled  h) inferiority complex  i) divisive    j) to breed crime    k) commuter   l) congestion

Passage 4 “Advertising”

a)      Implicit   b) suitable   c) exploit     d)  ubiquitous     e) catchy jingles  f) bombard   g) brainwash    h) beneficial      i) informative    j) watchdog    k) blatant     l) misleading

Passage 5 “Censorship”

a)      Excessive     b) gratuitous     c)  corrupting    d) masquerading   e) unscrupulous     f) perverted        g) degrades      h) banned         i) counter-productive   l) compliment

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How much freedom should children have?

Put each of the following words or phrase in its correct place below.

Possessive              upbringing                permissive             rebelliousness

Suppress                formative                  adolescent              run wild

Inhibited                authoritarian              juvenile delinquency

It is often said that we live in a (a) _________ age, one in which people are allowed to do almost anything they like. Is this good for children? They are going through their (b) ________, which is very (c) ________ stage of their development since their final about characters are beginning to take shape. Some parents think it is good for children to be allowed to (d) ________, without control or supervision. They say that this enables children’s personalities to develop naturally and that they will learn to be responsible by the mistakes they make. However, this might lead to (e) ________, with the children ending up in the courts, or it might simply make children self-centered, without any consideration for others. Other parents believe in being strict, but taken to extremes this can produce a too (f) ________ atmosphere in the home, with the children being dominated and ruled by their parents. Parents can also be very (g) _______ and try to keep their children dependent on them. these last two attitudes can encourage (h) ________ ( against parents, school, authority) in a child or conversely, (j) ________ by over-caring parents can make a child so timid and (k) ________ that he or she is unable to express freely his or her emotions and form mature relationships. To bring up children to be normal, well-adjusted human beings requires great wisdom, and perhaps a bit of luck.

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Put each of the following words or phrase in its correct place below.

Moral standards                  perverted                       banned               masquerading

Unscrupulous                      excessive                        degrades                safeguards

Counter- productive             infringes                     corrupting              gratuitous

The amount of offensive material we are exposed to in films nowadays is surely (a) _______ . Most people accept that scenes of sex and violence are sometimes necessary to tell a story, but all too often these scenes are (b) _________; they are unnecessary and simply inserted in the film to appeal to the baser human instincts. Censorship is necessary, especially to protect children from the (c) ________ influence of such scenes, often (d) ________ as art, in our cinemas. There should also be censorship of pornographic magazines produced by (e) ________ people willing to cater to the (f) _________ taster of a small minority. Such material destroys the innocence of the young and (g) _______ all who read it. On the other hand, there are those who say that something which is (h) ________ becomes desirable so censorship is (i)________ and the censorship (j) _______ on our freedom of choice. However freedom is not merely freedom to do what we want but freedom from attempts to destroy society’s (k) _______. Censorship provides the (l) ________ by which society protects itself.

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Put each of the following words or phrase in its correct place below.

Beneficial                             misleading                 blatant                     brainwash

Implicit                                 catchy jingles             exploit                    ubiquitous

Bombard                                 watchdog                  subtle                     informative


Mother advertisements contain hidden messages. (a) _________ in the advertisement showing the pretty girl in the new car or the smiling children round the pocket of washing powder is the message that if we the product, we also achieve success and happiness. It is a (b) ________ approach since it seeks to (c) _________ our secret dream, and it is inescapable since advertising is (d) _______.  Giant street hoardings and (e)_________ on television (f)_________ us from all sides. They (g)__________ us into believing that we can realize our ambitions quickly and easily. On the other hand, defenders of advertising is (i) _________.  Advertisements tell us about useful new products. They brighten our lives with color and music. They increase demand, stimulate industry and so keep prices down. Whether for or against advertising, most people would agree that some kind of (j)________ body, appointed by the government or by the advertising industry itself, is necessary to maintain standards of honesty and to discourage the more (k)________ type of (l) ________ advertisements.

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Issue of Education

Put each of the following words or phrase in its correct place below.

Elite                          divisive                potential                   gifted

Classless                   spontaneity          cram                         streaming

Conventional            labeled                 privileged                inferiority complex


It is interesting that in some countries which are socialist and therefore supposedly (a)________, the educational system is based on (b) _______, which means that children are educated according to their ability, with the more (c) _______ children separated from the others. Supporters of this system say that more intelligent children will be helped to achieved their full (d)_______ in this way and that these children will be held back if they have to share lessons with less clever pupil.  Opponents of this system, on the other hand, maintain that it creates an educated (e)________, a special class of (f) ________ people who are encouraged to think of themselves as superior to the others. Similarly the others may, as a result of being (g) _______ second-rate, developed some kind of (h)_______ in a word, such a system is (i)________, since it creates a division between people. Another important question in education is the amount of freedom and choice children should be given at school. The conservative view is that a (j)______ system of strict rules is best. However, critics of this attitude say it causes regimentation, as in the army, and discourages children’s natural imagination and (k)_______. We must ask ourselves what the purpose of education is: to (l) ______ children’s heads with facts or to encourage them to develop their natural abilities in their own way?

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City Life

Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the passage.

Cosmopolitan                 pollution                 congestion            to breed crime

Metropolis                    urban                      cost of living         irresistible lure

Stimulation                     commuter                  city-dwellers             anonymity


Most people in developed countries are (a)________, many drawn by the (b)_____ of the (c)_______. The attractions of the city are many: the (d) _______ atmosphere (foreign restaurants, different languages, international companies), the (e)_______ of cultural events or the sample hope of finding work. All too many find, however, that the glamorous façade is false. One can be very alone in the city and the (f) _______ which at first seems to give freedom and protection later leaves just loneliness. There is a lot to do but everything is expensive. The (g) ______ is high. There is (h)________ not only of the physical but also of the moral environment  and the various pressures of (i)_______ cause cities (j) ______. Above all, perhaps, it  is the daily stresses and strains of the city which make life there a matter of survival rather than of enjoyment. Many a (k) _______ struggling to work through the rush-hour (l)______asks, Is it worth it?

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